Battletoads and Double Dragon NES
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Battletoads and Double Dragon NES

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Battletoads and Double Dragon

Nintendo Entertainment System

When the Dark Queen and Shadow Boss come together to try to take over Earth, they will also end up bringing together two of the most iconic teams in gaming. With the Battletoads - Rash, Pimple, and Zitz - and the Double Dragons - Billy and Jimmy Lee, you can bet that the dastardly duo will be in for some pain!

With Earth's defences out of the picture, it's up to this team-up of brawlers to save the planet with their combined might. On the other end, you'll find classic enemies from both series like Big Blag, Abobo, Guido, Roper, Robo-Manus, and many more scumbags.

Up to two players can choose from five fighters and venture through seven treacherous stages using every possible technique to smash, bash, and thrash through enemies. From the massive space cruiser - the Colossus - to the scummy streets down below full of rats and thugs, each level will give the 'Toads and Dragons' plenty of targets to choose from. It's mine to get mean and green!

Battletoads and Double Dragon for the Nintendo Entertainment System includes:

  • Jumpin' Jade Battletoads and Double Dragon 8-Bit Cartridge
  • Numbered Deluxe Hardcover Cartridge Packaging
  • Full-Coloured Instruction Manual
  • Exclusive Cartridge Display Stand