Dying Light Anniversary Edition XB1

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Dying Light Anniversary Edition

Compatible with Xbox One

Version: US   

InGame  En - Fr - DE

Imported Game works worldwide,

Usa account required for online features and DLC !!!!


Take hold of an entire zombie universe with the complete edition of Dying Light.

In 5 years from the release, this open-world best-seller has won over 50 Game of the Year awards and expanded into an epic zombie saga. We bring you the enhanced edition of the base game with every expansion and game mode released so far and a selection of the best DLC items. This edition includes the massive campaign The Following and the new game mode Hellraid. Enjoy all the maps, all the modes, the best weapons, enemies, and outfits. The apocalypse is complete!

Dying Light Anniversary Edition includes:

- Dying Light
- Dying Light: The Following
- Dying Light: Hellraid
- Dying Light: Bozak Horde
- Dying Light: Cuisine & Cargo
- Dying Light: Be the Zombie
- Dying Light: Prison Heist
- Dying Light: Ultimate Survivor Bundle
- Dying Light: 5th Anniversary Bundle