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hack GU Last Recode Begins Ed Switch Chinese version

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hack GU Last Recode Begins Edition chinese version

Compatible with Nintendo Switch  physical version

Version:   Chinese 
Language  Audio   English   all Txt are in chinese !!!!!


In this virtual world, there will be friends and fun adventures waiting for you... However, there are also rampant PK (Player Kill, an abbreviation for Player Killer referring to players who intentionally kill each other), repeated conflicts between guilds, and mysterious events that even the game developers can't remember incorporating...

"The world" had begun to turn into a lawless zone that even the system administrators could not control.

In such a chaotic game, there emerged a young man, "Haseo", who was feared as the "Terror of Death".

The goal of Haseo, who indiscriminately hunts PKs, is to find and take revenge on an unidentified PK called the "Tri-Edge" who PKed his cherished friend, "Shino", with a mysterious power outside the specifications and drove her unconscious in the real world.

Who is "Tri-Edge"? Why do in-game deaths affect the real world?

Witness the relationship between Haseo and "The World" as they unravel the mystery which begins to go beyond the realm of "fun" games.

".hack//G.U. Last Recode" will contain four parts from Vol.1 to Vol.4:Rebirth, Reminisce, Redemption, and Reconnection.