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Mega Man Zero Zx Legacy Collection (PS4)

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Mega Man Zero Zx Legacy Collection - PlayStation 4


Cover is reversible from Jap to English

inc Dlc Reploid Remixes !!!

Audio Eng / Jap

Sub Eng / Fre / Ita / Esp / De /

Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.


  • The Zero series builds upon the Mega man x series with upgradable weapon skills, unique ex abilities, and “Cyber Elves” offering a range of enhancements; go even further in the zx series with the games' Open maps.
  • Z chaser mode allows players to race to complete challenges from both the Zero and zx games.
  • New players can jump right in with casual scenario mode; bounce back from mistakes with the optional save-assist system to revive at the most recent checkpoint without losing a life.
  • Experience the games using original Sprites art, or toggle filters on for a clean look to the charming, classic Sprites; choose various layout options dual-screen display and controls.
  • Take a look back at the history of the Zero and zx series with the original production art, including a music player filled with both original tunes and special arrangements.