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Aria Chronicle (English) Jap cover

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Aria Chronicle (English) Jap cover

plus cd !!!!

Nintendo Switch (SW)

Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features. 

Version: Japan

Language: Japanese, English

Much of the history
of the Kingdom of Tamageria
was lost in the horrendous battle
against the demon dragon Enyalius.
In order to carry out the "Rite of Succession,"
a tradition passed on in the Kingdom,
Princess Aria sets forth on a pilgrimage
accompanied by Tila, a paladin escort,
and Gerom, a young palace clerk.
On their way to the remote village of Latebra,
Aria and her party come across a totem with an eerie pattern...
The disappearance of Lord Tyler...
Traces of a mysterious organization known as the "Cult"...
When Aria confronts the truth of the matter,
it is the start of the epic adventure that is to follow.


  • Strategic Turn-Based Battles - Your Heroes' mentality will affect their attributes. Be sure to keep alert to the progress of the battle, so that you can fully utilize the capabilities of your entire party
  • Customizable Parties - The formation of your part is solely up to you! Arrange together Heroes with varying characteristics for an entire party
  • Randomized Dungeon Exploration - Strategically adventure through dungeons that vary with each mission!
  • Ascension Mode - Chose of the two characters to be your "Challenger" to battle through the tower and aim for the top!