Avenging Spirit GameBoy
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Avenging Spirit GameBoy

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Avenging Spirit for Game boy / Game boy Advance

Physical edition

2023 Limited Edition Reprint by Jaleco

Include Game Cartridge - manual - Numbered deluxe packaging

Avenging Spirit (Phantasm in Japan) debuted in arcades in 1991 and found modest success amongst the popularity of beat 'em ups and fighting games.  It would arrive on the Game Boy® a year later with a limited physical release in the West.  Although it was an action platformer, it also had a unique game mechanic - possessing your enemies!  How you proceed depends on who or what you possess, be it a gangster, a guru, a vampire, or a robot.  A young man's life was taken away by gangsters kidnapping his girlfriend.  With the help of her father, this little ghost must get into the spirit and end the crime syndicate's plans and rescue Gennifer before it is too late