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Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

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Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Compatible with Nintendo Switch

Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.

Version: Asia
Language: English, Chinese, Korean


In the near future, humanity awoke to a new power known as "Septima." Humans with this power became known as "Adepts," and steadily increased in number as new Adepts were born. An organization of these Adepts, "Eden," attempted to secure their supremacy over the world, only to have their ambitions ended at the hands of Gunvolt. However, at the end of the countless battles, Gunvolt found himself unwillingly evolved to a new power beyond Septimas.

Shadow Yakumo, a secretive sister organization of the Sumeragi Group, eventually caught wind of the birth of this next-level power. Shadow Yakumo then ordered their battle priestess Kirin to stop Gunvolt’s awakening by sealing him with her Septima, Radiant Fetters.

"…You’ll be taking full responsibility for what’s about to occur."


  • The thrilling near-future dystopian story plays out in real-time with "Story Mode+"!
  • Satisfying swordplay meets light-speed superpowers - New star Kirin is a skilled with a blade, focusing on quick sword fighting and throwing enchanted talismans to weaken enemies. She can close any gap and destroy foes instantly with her powerful "Arc Chain" ability, the ultimate combination of mobility with a satisfying finishing blow
  • New songs from "The Muse" Lumen heat up the battle - Put on a show with your gameplay to earn "Kudos" points and the virtual pop idol Lumen will start a performance of her own! Gunvolt’s own "Muse" will appear and sing for Kirin and Gunvolt, rousing their fighting spirits while replacing the stage track with a vocal pop song!
  • Kirin and Gunvolt’s team-up creates a new power - "Image Pulse" - Collect enough "Image Chips" to create "Image Pulses" and give form to Gunvolt’s memories