Contra Anniversary Collection Switch

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Contra Anniversary Collection¶ÿ Nintendo Switch

Physical Edition


Version:¶ÿ USA

The Contra Anniversary Collection brings this classic Run and Gun franchise back to modern platforms and a new generation of players.

Grab power ups and blast your way through waves of menacing enemies and bosses that will put your reaction skills to the test. Also included is a digital Bonus Book with tons of concept documents and sketches, the official chronology of the franchise, an exclusive interview with the veteran producer of the series, and more!

Alone or with a friend, Contra provides hours of nail biting action. In a pinch; make sure you know the code!

¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Contra (Arcade)
¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Super Contra
¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Contra (NA)
¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Contra (JP)
¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Super C
¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Contra III: The Alien Wars
¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Operation C
¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Contra Hard Corps
¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Super Probotector Alien Rebels
¶ÿ¶ÿ¶ÿ Probotector