DreadOut 2 PS4

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DreadOut 2 PlayStation 4

Physical Edition

Works on all systems sold worldwide,

Version: Asia

Subtitles: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa

A unique take on third-person action-adventure survival horror with Indonesian supernatural in veins. Mixed gameplay of city exploring, ƒ??DreadOutƒ?� style smartphone ghost hunting, and new action-packed combat within DreadOut supernatural realm. Even though it is a Horror game in veins, but with the touch of silly high school problems, satiric social commentaries, and yet touchy memorable moments, DreadOut 2 will become a fresh take on the survival horror genre.

DreadOut 2 will be utilizing a mixed improved mechanic of our previous DreadOut along with a new combat-oriented mechanic!


  • Banish them all! Hunt and defeat intangible ghosts with Lindaƒ??s smartphone camera, or use melee weapons and projectiles against physical ghosts
  • Delve deeper in DreadOut supernatural realm with a new combat-oriented mechanic
  • A world of dread: Explore Lindaƒ??s hometown and beyond, talk to residents (alive and dead!), complete side-quests, and dive deeper into DreadOutƒ??s lore
  • Discover ghosts and urban legends: Search out spirits and uncover local myths to complete the Ghostpedia app on Lindaƒ??s smartphone
  • Terrifying boss spirits: Keep your nerve as you battle the supernatural realmƒ??s most hostile ghosts, including the chilling Kuntilanak, and horrifying Gore Surgeon