Jim DillII Bobsons Revenge NES Standard Silver

Jim & Dill II Bobson's Revenge NES Standard

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Jim & Dill II Bobson's Revenge NES Standard

by Premium Edition Games

Release Date: Fall 2024

About the Game:

Side-scrolling action excellence! Part 2 of the Jim & Dill Saga!

Take control of the band Weed N' Stiff, and fight to save Rock N Roll!
Jim Weed and Dill Stiff have had their musical essence stolen by Joe Bobson, singer of the rival band Moo Cow. You need to help the boys get their essence back, defeat Bobson once and for all, and restore the band's legacy.
Venture from home, throughout the land, to outer space and beyond. Guided by the band's 1 Fan, you will encounter enemies and mini bosses from the band's 20+ year history (plus a few new surprises!).
Original game score written by Logan E. Schad, along with some classic 8-bit Weed N Stiff tunes!
Switching up the perspective, Jim and Dill II goes for a platforming action approach to the NES glory, and it does not disappoint! Full of humor, action and great NES style graphics, Jim & Dill II concludes the story started by the first, and feeling like a natural progression for a series during the NES era!

NES CIB Edition includes:

  • Original Nintendo Entertainment System Game Cartridge w/ Color Label and plays in your original NES!
  • Full Color Manual with beautiful artwork throughout
  • A Numbered Challenge Card where you can earn a limited Challenge Patch!
  • NES-Style Retro Box that fits everything including a Dust Sleeve and Styrofoam Block!