Kwaidan Azuma Manor Story Limited Edition Switch

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Kwaidan Azuma Manor Story Limited Edition

Nintendo Switch Physical release


Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features. 

Version: Asia

Subtitles: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese


1930's Japan.

It is the dawn of the Showa era. In a rural manor, a very long night is about to begin...

Explore the depths of the Azuma Manor, fighting off devilish Yoki, while avoiding traps and solving devious puzzles as you strive to save the Azuma family.

Kwaidan mixes classic 3D horror action with point-click adventure to provide a nostalgic-yet-new experience. With no guns, strategy is needed to take on the Yoki close-up with traditional weapons such as naginata, magatama, and mirror that releases a deadly aura.

As you explore the grounds of the mansion you can call up a cursor to examine points of interest and discover items that can aid you in your quest. Kwaidan is a unique blend of action adventure with classic high-wire suspense from beginning to end that will keep you on your toes.

Retro-style polygon graphics evoke classic games of the early 2000s, with movie-reel-style presentation. Select between Origin Mode for authentic "tank-style" controls, or Modern Mode for standard analog movement and a new subtle cel-shaded look.


  • Severe 3D action that requires precise operation and accurate judgment
  • A point-click adventure element that lets you fully enjoy the fun of exploration
  • Japanese retro romantic world of the 1930s (early Showa era) brought to life by classical techniques
  • Equipped with a “mode selection function” that allows you to enjoy game customizationame customization

    Box contents

  • Kwaidan Collector’s Box
  • Kwaidan Game (region free)
  • Kwaidan Manual
  • Kwaidan Original Soundtrack CD
  • Kwaidan Certificate