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Mario Golf Super Rush (Switch)

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Mario Golf Super Rush

Compatible with Nintendo Switch

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Tee off in Mario Golf: Super Rush, the latest instalment of the Mario Golf series, coming to Nintendo Switch. Join your favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters on the fairway on courses filled with lush, natural scenery.

Get into the swing of things with button controls, or use motion controls by holding the Joy-Con controller like a golf club. Just like the real thing, you’ll need to study the wind and terrain, but there are also handy features to help you ace your shots. Take advantage of a shot gauge that shows you how your shot will curve due to slopes, and a scan that lets you examine a course’s terrain.

Take a Mii character from rookie to pro golfer by teeing off against various Mushroom Kingdom characters in Story Mode. Level up with experience points earned during matches, then allocate these points to different stats to develop your character.

You can also enjoy multiplayer with up to three other players, both locally and online.