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RPGolf Legends Switch

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RPGolf Legends

Compatible with Nintendo Switch

Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.

Version:  Asia
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese


Once upon a time, the kingdom was a land of peace, harmony, and an all-consuming passion for the greatest sport - GOLF. Everyone in the land played day and night, and soon the kingdom itself was turned into the most beautiful course the world had ever seen. The land was happy. The land was good.

Until the monsters came...

In its obsession with golf, the people had become complacent, leaving the kingdom open to attack. Hole by hole, dungeon by dungeon, the monsters emerged and drove the people off the course. And a great sadness fell across the world.

Then one day, a brave girl appeared, determined to play the finest course in the world. Armed only with her golf club, she would set forth to play the nine legendary holes. But first, she would need to rid the land of the monsters...


  •     Retro gaming graphics to transport you back to the 80s
  •     Simple, intuitive controls enable you to battle, golf, and explore the    world
  •     Dungeons filled with treasure and danger!
  •     Deadly boss fights