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Saint Maker Limited Edition

Nintendo Switch

Physical Edition

Comes with a free bonus game Perfect Gold on the card! (no download required)

Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features. 

Version:  Asia

Audio: English
Subtitles: English, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Becoming a saint comes with a price!

What makes a saint? Fire to one’s face, wounds on one’s body, dying slowly from disease — history paints a grim picture. When Holly Beltran attends a religious recollection, she discovers the dark secrets that haunt the convent’s past. At night, broken-faced statues and whispered prayers haunt Holly’s dreams — before the recollection is over, Holly may have to face more than her own demons to come out alive.

What happens when the faithful go too far?

  • Religious Horror: Experience a horror story rich with eerie religious iconography and psychological scares
  • A Short and Haunting Story: At around 60,000 words and with 4-6 hours of estimated gameplay, Saint Maker is perfect to play on a dark and stormy night
  • Fully Voiced: A cast of professional English voice actors has breathed life into the characters and their struggles
  • Interactive Dialogue Choices: As the horror unfolds, your choices will help Holly discover more about herself during this ordeal. A normal ending and a (secret) bonus scene await you depending on your choices
  • Bone-chilling Visuals: Witness the haunting setting of Saint Idelora's Convent, with detailed backgrounds, CGs, and animated illustrations adding to an immersive and terrifying experience
  • Original Soundtrack: Originally composed soundtracks which add both horror and heart to the story
  • Free Bonus Game: A Visual Novel about love and friendship