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The Colonists

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The Colonists

Nintendo Switch (SW) Includes inner cover artwork

Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features. 

Version: Asia

Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian


The Colonists is a relaxing settlement building game inspired by classic titles like The Settlers and the Anno series.

Build a new home for your team of robots as they begin a new life for themselves on a distant planet where they can fulfil their ultimate dream: to be human.

Take on a series of individual campaign missions, play randomly generated maps, compete on player-designed creations or build your colony unfettered by any constraints in the sandbox mode.

You take control of a team of self-replicating robots built to simulate human civilization. After escaping Earth, The Colonists are now free to roam the galaxy in search of a new home and construct their dream settlement.

You'll advance through three different Ages as you build infrastructure for your colony by constructing road, boat and train transport systems.

Harvest natural resources, set up farming and food production, create expeditions to discover new lands and research new technologies.

With two separate mission tracks, The Colonists lets either you create sprawling settlements in peace or race to compete against AI colonies in military winner-takes-all scenarios.

Explore, research, manage, tweak and refine to your heart's content.

Genre: Simulation
Players: 1